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Create and manage Magic tournaments

Create and manage events

With you can easily host tournaments for your playgroup or community! The free tool lets you set up tournaments, invite participants and manage all of the pairings, results calculations and tiebreakers for you!

All that's left for you to do is assemble your deck and beat your opponents.

Multiple formats and tournament types

MTG Event is flexible enough to let you play your favorite format in the tournament style that suits you and your group. Whether you enjoy a Swiss style Draft or a Single-elimination constructed tournament, we've got you covered.

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Create and manage Magic tournaments

User-friendly experience

You should be able to focus more on your next game of Magic and less on understanding complex interfaces. is intuitive and easy to use with a user-friendly interface, both on mobile and desktop.

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With you'll get your first Magic: The Gathering tournament started in no time!

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Getting your first event created is as easy as clicking a button. When your event is created, you can easily add players by simply entering their name, or share your event with your friends and playgroup and let them join with their own accounts.

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Start the tournament and play some Magic!

This is where the Magic happens! With, you can focus more on beating your opponents and less on managing your event. MTG Event handles pods, pairings, results and tie breakers for you in a simple and intuitive way.