MTG Pairings Generator

Easily create pairings for your Magic: The Gathering tournament with MTG Event! This free software supports multiple formats and any number of players.

MTG Pairings Generator

Easily generate pairings for MTG tournaments

MTG Pairings can be quite a pain to try to set up yourself in a fair and correct manner. The rules for pairings, especially in later rounds, include a lot of variables, such as scores, previously played opponents, tiebreakers etc. That's why most people like to use an MTG Pairings Generator and why we built MTG Event!

MTG Event was created to help you easily and comfortably run MTG Events while allowing you to focus more on your participants, and if you're playing yourself - on winning your next game! Simply add players, set the tournament settings to your liking and our MTG Pairings Generator will do the rest.

MTG Event will help you with not only pairings though, but all the details that goes with it such as reporting match scores, keeping track of round timers, calculating tiebreakers and more!

Run Constructed or Limited tournaments

MTG Event can handle both Constructed and Limited tournaments. While Constructed tournaments are pretty straight forward, Drafts can quickly get complicated. A proper pairing for a draft involves a lot of detail, such as pairing opposite players, not mixing matches between pods etc. MTG Event handles all of this for you.

Standard Swiss or Single-elimination

Wether you like to run Swiss or Single-elimination tournaments, we have you covered. Both tournament formats are supported free and out of the box. Just select whatever you're playing tonight, add your players and we'll generate pairings or your single-elimination tournament tree.

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