Magic: The Gathering Draft Software

Looking for software to help you manage your Magic: The Gathering draft? With you can handle draft seating, pairings, tiebreakers and more!

Magic: The Gathering Draft Software

Draft is one of the most exciting and interesting formats of Magic: The Gathering, but hosting a draft for your friends or playgroup can be a bit of a hassle. It requires coordinating the packs you're drafting, getting pods set up and managing results, pairings and tiebreakers. With MTG Event all this becomes a breeze.

Create an event and invite your playgroup

With you can create events for your draft nights for free. Set a time and place and let your playgroup know. You can add "custom" players by just entering their name, or inviting players that already have an account at MTG Event. When you invite a player, they'll recieve a notification and their results in your event will also be recorded on their profile.

Draft pods, pairings and results

Getting your draft event up and running is as easy as clicking "Start event". You can of course edit how many pods you want, how many rounds you want to play etc, but the recommended amount (as per Wizards' guidelines) will always be default.

After starting, you'll be presented with pods that you can shuffle if you want. Then start drafting!

When everyone has got their decks in order, simply start the first round. Round one pairings will be done across, meaning you will always play the person across from you at the table. After that, pairings are done by results. All this is of course automated!

Try MTG Event is free for events with up to 8 people so get started and create your first event here! If you need bigger events, you can get a Pro subscription for only $5.99 per month. With a Pro account, you also get access to Leagues and statistics!

Create your first Magic tournament

With you'll get your first Magic: The Gathering tournament started in no time!

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Start by creating a free account at

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Create your first Magic: The Gathering event

Getting your first event created is as easy as clicking a button. When your event is created, you can easily add players by simply entering their name, or share your event with your friends and playgroup and let them join with their own accounts.

Create your free account at

Start the tournament and play some Magic!

This is where the Magic happens! With, you can focus more on beating your opponents and less on managing your event. MTG Event handles pods, pairings, results and tie breakers for you in a simple and intuitive way.