MTG Tournament App

Web app for hosting and managing MTG tournaments. Track matches, score and results with this FREE and easy-to-use tool!

MTG Tournament App

Free web app to manage MTG tournaments

With the MTG tournament app MTG Event you can quickly and easily set up your own Magic: The Gathering tournaments. Simply create your event in any web browser, invite your friends and playgroup and start the tournament.

The app lets you easily track pairings, matches, results, tiebreakers and standings - letting you focus more on winning your next game and less on managing your tournament.

Magic tournament app for both Mobile and Desktop

Because is a web app you can run it in any browser on any device. Nothing to install and nothing to set up! All you have to do to get started is creating your free account and starting up your first event. is designed with mobile in mind and you can seamlessly switch between devices when managing your tournament. Create your tournament on desktop and register scores on mobile - your information will always be in sync.

Share your event with your playgroup

Not only does help you running your tournaments, it can help you with planning and organizing as well. You can choose to enter custom players into the tournament or allow your friends and playgroup to sign up for the tournament with their own accounts at MTG Event.

If your playgroup doesn't have an account yet, don't worry. You can always share your public tournament link, either in social channels, chat or by email. Your friends will be able to see the basic tournament information and then create an account to sign up to your tournament.

Create your first Magic tournament

With you'll get your first Magic: The Gathering tournament started in no time!

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Start by creating a free account at

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Create your first Magic: The Gathering event

Getting your first event created is as easy as clicking a button. When your event is created, you can easily add players by simply entering their name, or share your event with your friends and playgroup and let them join with their own accounts.

Create your free account at

Start the tournament and play some Magic!

This is where the Magic happens! With, you can focus more on beating your opponents and less on managing your event. MTG Event handles pods, pairings, results and tie breakers for you in a simple and intuitive way.