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MTG Swiss App

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"Swiss" is by far the most commonly used tournament system for Magic: The Gathering tournaments, but calculaiting pairings depends on the score of everyone involved and can be a hassle. is a free web app that helps you with setting up and running your MTG Swiss tournaments.

With, getting your playgroup together and hosting home Seiss tournament is easier than ever. You can quickly and easily invite your friends, even if they don't have an account, and then run events and tournaments in many popular formats of Magic: The Gathering.

What is Swiss?

Swiss is a popular format for Magic: The Gathering tournaments. It is a very efficient format as you don't need to play too many rounds, even if you're running a big tournament. Also, everyone gets to play the same number of games against a similar skilled opponent, regardless of their record.

In a Swiss tournament, players play a set number of rounds based on the number of attendees. Before every round after the first, players are matched against other players with a similar record. That means that players with a winning record will face off against other players with a winning record and soon one player can be crowned the winner. It also means that players will more often play an opponent of similar skill.

Why should you use a tool like MTG Event for your Swiss tournament?

It might not sound hard to run a Swiss tournament (and with, it isn't) but in order to correctly pair matches for each round there's quite a few parameters to take into consideration.

In Magic: The Gathering, pairings are made primarily based on players' win/loss record but also on tiebreakers. One also need to take into considerations that in a proper swiss tournament, no two players should play each other more than once.

With MTG Event you don't have to worry about any of this. The tool calculates the optimal number of rounds for you event, pairings for each round, tiebreakers etc.

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